January 29, 2007

Brisk Walk Before Coffee! (not!)

Flowers under front windows

It was 13 degrees Fahrenheit here this morning. I am not that hardy. But later when the sun came out and the temperature eased up almost to 30 – I did venture out to check the levels in the bird feeders, make a compost run, and spy on the bulbs to see how they are faring.

Surprise! I knew the crocus bloomed – they did this weeks ago – but the hyacinths are pushing towards the light and the early Narcissus have beautiful green leaves. They are so inspiring. How easy it is to forget that warmer days are coming when we spend days never getting above freezing.

I noticed tonight when I went to pick up Z from rehearsal that the sun was in my eyes. When rehearsals began – it was dark when I picked him up. Later as I was fixing dinner, the sun reached that perfect location in the winter sky – just under the pergola, but above the fence, and on an angle to stream through the bay window. I felt the softest, gentle kiss of the sun on my cheek – and closed my eyes in a moment of deepest gratitude for the lengthening days.


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