Four Directions Work

January 28, 2007

I think I have read just about every word that Angeles Arrien ever published and every interview with her that google finds for me. She is the type of teacher who just seems to support me in my wandering. I hear her voice in my head – “pay attention” I hear her say. What has “heart and meaning?” Find the things that are working in your life and say YES! to them.

During my quest preparations – I worked my way through her book The Four Fold Way. A couple times a week I would go to a little bakery downtown (Shanks Bakery on Water Street) and get a cup of delicious Blue Ridge Blend decaf – a dark smoky coffee and a piece of homemade Baklava dripping with honey. I would sit and journal and think and work my way around her wheel of the four directions.

In some ways it meshed with the model of the psyche developed by Bill Plotkin but with some subtle differences. I checked her four directions with some books I had on the four directions work of the Celts and the Lakota. Somehow in all that reading, learning, studying, thinking a four directions practice came together that honors these traditions but is my own unique creation.

At first I would fret that I was doing it wrong – that the “teachers” did it differently. I worked with the wheel for several months and as I went round and round and round it became second nature to me to refer to it in all my interactions with my self and with others.

The parts I took from Bill are the parts that separate the archetypes between interpersonal and intrapersonal. The other powerful piece of his model is the wounded aspect of each direction and the integrated, “adult” aspect of each direction. Combining these wounded archetypes with the fully individuated ones and adding the four ways of knowing of Steve Gallegos offers a rich tool for personal development and growth.

So today as the moon waxes and the days are getting longer – I reflect on the person I was one year ago, three years ago, a decade ago and feel tremendous gratitude for these wise teachers – Steve Gallegos, Dianne Timberlake, Angeles Arrien, and Bill Plotkin.

I ♥ you!


One comment

  1. If you are working with the crosses of Angeles Arrien in her book the Four Fold Way, then what I just shared via email can be plugged into the equation.**smile**

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