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March 24, 2010

Are you as excited as I am to have received this email from Dr. E. today? Soon…

Amongst the ancient images of the wise old woman, I believe we find one of the greatest premises: We are not meant to lead life by the limited sights of the ego or the culture we happened to be born into, but rather we are meant to lead with the Soul . . . and to help ego learn to serve the Soul in every single one of our wild and wise endeavors and creations.

While it’s true we are living in times that are challenging outwardly and personally, and that the gaining of wisdom is not only a set of lessons, but a set of vows and inspired plans . . . we are also standing together in the ancient soul with La que sabe, “the one who knows” the ways through with dignity and with much flourishing both.

In gathering years, seeing becomes being . . . rather than our just “being what we were handed” by way of paltry “seeing” from the collective point of view.

Thus, as I’ve told you many times before, and I tell you now, and will continue to tell you dearly: Do not lose heart . . . for we belong to a tribe that has never before been seen on planet earth . . . Never has such a huge tribe of souls existed all at the same time who are so alert, so gifted, so filled with street sense.

Never before has there been such a huge group of women worldwide who carry the capacity to bridge, to reach across to one another, and out into the world. Never before has there existed such an enormous tribe of women willing and able to fulfill the callings of their souls on earth with verve, with style, with critical insights, and with love.

We are Tribe of the Sacred Heart. For many of us, our clan is Scar Clan. Just know the fireside is already blazing. I know you can see the great flames of heart’s intention from wherever you are now. Come join us. The Dangerous Old Woman is fully present, and we, your tribe, are waiting for you.

This comes with love and with peace,

Dr. E


The Dangerous Old Woman

March 13, 2010

Won’t you join us? At long last, Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes is going to share her life’s opus on the archetype of the Wise Woman. If you have already listened to the Mother Night series at SoundsTrue, you know Dr. E. is in fine creative form and her stories are wiggling and wriggling and anxious to leap out of her story pouch to be told to us. If there is interest, I plan to facilitate a discussion group around this work. For more information, see the right side bar. Until we meet again, be well and be wild!


At the fire of Mother Night

December 31, 2009

Mother Night


Rites of Passage

August 27, 2009


August 17, 2009

Twenty three days on the road – and home…

Mountains of laundry, bills, papers to be sorted, blessedly few messages on the answering machine.

’tis good to be in this space


What I did today

July 22, 2009
  • Two Luscious Loaves of Bread
  • One Dozen Sweet Yellow Cornmeal Muffins
  • One-half dozen savory Blue Corn Muffins
  • Three Pounds sweet and sour pineapple pork BBQ
  • Several pints of Green Beans

I LOVE Summer!



July 7, 2009

I was writing to someone today – and this wonderful metaphor slipped out:

“I am not done sucking the marrow from these bones of contention” and that along with a lovely lunch with lucsious ladies has revealed the next cairn.

Thank the goddess… this darkness and wandering was getting tiresome for even me… she who loves the hidden things, the unconscious wishes and desires and hopes and dreams, who douses for the underworld streams and throws herself in… yes – even I have had enough.

I am grateful for this sliver of clarity.