Lemurian Opus

The links below will allow you to read about my journey through the Enchanted lands of Lemuria and beyond…

  1. Knock, knock
  2. Arriving and Taking Stock
  3. Midnight in the Valley of Oaks
  4. Appeasements for the Keeper of the Mine
  5. Dreams
  6. Soaking
  7. Angels and Demons
  8. Womb of Creation
  9. Descansos
  10. Garden of my Soul
  11. Leaving the Mine – Owls not Oaks
  12. Lady of the Lake
  13. Soulwright’s Seeds
  14. Small Acts of Compassion
  15. We lift you up – The Power of Prayer
  16. Stunned Silence
  17. A visit to the Sancutary of the Wild Mother
  18. Wise Fool
  19. The Ferry Woman of Me
  20. My room in Riversleigh

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