Nourishing the Elixir of Creativity

Somewhere, somehow, our teachers find us and we them. I stand with feet on both sides of the Threshing Hold. One foot stands in the land of mentor and teacher. The other foot stands in the land of student and appreciative traveller. This space began as a repository for my creative endeavors with Heather Blakey and her beloved Enchanteur .

When I first arrived in Lemuria, Enchanteur swept me up in a flurry and set me down. When the dust settled, I wondered…Where am I? Where are you? What do I do with this bag? What are dream seeds? Why a unicorn? How did I fall through the portal? One moment I was knocking and the next I was in! Now what?

Many find their way here through the Soul Food Cafe. Once in the land of Lemuria – the possibilities are endless – and each of us chooses our level of participation. At this instant in my journey, I write daily and upload offerings when I am working a journey. Right now I am on the Heroine’s Journey. This blog is restricted to Patrons.

When I am online, I make the rounds of Lemuria, reading and commenting on what resonates and nourishes me (those wings sure come in handy for this!). One day I will work my way through the entire Alphabet of Abbey Alechemy.

A good site to book mark is the Global Positioning Satellite. Even though the GPS page seems a bit much, (it is overwhelming – but this is good training and orientation for working with Enchanteur), let your muse or mule guide you as you meander through these enchanted retreats and sanctuaries.

I guarantee you will see yourself reflected all around you.

Wandering in the woods above Douthat Lake, Virginia



  1. You mention Shenandoah so you might be close to Knoxville, TN and can come for a visit to Sakin’el

  2. I, my friend, am in trekkinglemuria. For now. I know, however, that I will be able to locate you in the near future. I have no idea what is coming, but I am giddy at the prospect of it all!

    Frogita of The Clinch

  3. My goodness! And you speak of my creative fire burning without wood. This is just fabulous Julie and a great example for others who choose to wander into Lemuria.
    love Heather and a zqueezy enthusiastic hug from Enchanteur

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