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Equanimity and Equinoxes

September 28, 2010

What a wonderful few months it has been. Each day I greet the sun as she rises over the ridge that is blue and then in the evening, I chase the sun as she sets in the distant mountains. Some mornings the moon is with me reminding me of the night and some evenings the moon follows me safely home. All of this is the up side of my new position.


8000 miles on the car in four months…

and in December I graduate… no degree, no higher learning experience has ever meant as much as this means to me.

I am so very, very, very, grateful… filled up with gratitude.

Midlife ROCKS!

And you- how is the Middle Passage treating you?


New Moon in Capricorn

December 27, 2008

For the solstice, I unplugged!

For several days I went without turning on the computer. No blogs or blogging. No research or writing. No email. No connection with anyone who wasn’t directly in front of me. I sat with the paradox of missing my online community and the joy of having lots more time to be present in my space. I am not sure how to balance those needs I have to be connected in ways that are not possible without the internet. Yet the computer and the internet are huge black holes of time and energy. And they feed me. And they suck me dry. How do you find that balance?

Solstice Santa brought me art supplies so I have been creating new palletes and color wheels and continuing my Mandala process of evoking myself from the womb of creation. I use this technique of black paper and lighter colored prismacolors. I became intrigued and enchanted with this process after stumbling onto Caterina’s lovely work. I am nowhere near the artist she is, but I have found the process deeply illuminating and helpful for identifying my unique style.

Another joy of internet connectivity is Starweaver’s moon musings and intentions. This is what I am sitting with in this dark moon time. I find his moon practice (full moon work and dark moon work) closely aligns with my own.

How do you honor the dark moon times in your life? How do they differ from the full moon energies in your life?

Questions for this Dark Moon:

How do I keep myself on track?
What old habit do I need to drop?
What new habit do I need to acquire?
What is the relationship between process and goal?


Our Lady of Guadalupe

December 11, 2008

In the late spring of 2004, a few months after my father died, I dreamed of the desert and woke up with the scent of pinion smoke in the air and sand between my toes. I flew to Albuquerque, rented a car and took the Turquoise trail – passing through Madrid, NM staying at a lovely hacienda in Santa Fe, dining at the community table at Cafe Pasquale, and then off to Georgia O’Keefe landscapes.

In the middle of this journey, I met a woman who told me I must go to Chimayo – and there she appeared to me – our lady – and she held me and comforted me – and I knew I would survive the grief that weighed so heavily on my heart.

Blessings and Ave Maria

Affirmations for this Moon:
A new answer is waiting for me.
I can see the invisible path.
My hand finds the secret door.
I create unforeseen possibilities.


New moon caught me by surprise this month

April 5, 2008

What an incredible moon cycle this has been! Letting go to make room. Emptying out with nothing planned to fill the space. Allowing myself to sit with the experience of roominess. All around me I encounter women who are busy, busy, busy! They open their planner or look at the family calendar and say oh yes! let’s get together for tea! I am free… well… let’s see… I have about one hour on Friday and then the next free day I have is… oh dear… let’s look at next month shall we? I feel exhaustion just listening to this. Sometimes I feel the judge of me tap me on the shoulder and tell me “look how much she is accomplishing!” At times we have had titantic struggles about this but now, when she wants to shame me, this judge who expects me to value myself by what I produce, I remind her of the shift that we are choosing – to value ourselves by our relatedness.

Relationships take time. I have time. I choose to make time in my day, my week, my life to be in communion with other people.

One way I am incorporating the need to get stuff done and the need to be in relationship is to lump all my errands into one day – the grocery store, fueling and washing the car, returning books to the library, meetings, appointments, all those things that must be done – get done in one day. During that day – which this week was yesterday – I moved slowly – never rushing – allowing all my senses to encounter the world around me in every step that I took. Feeling the warmth of the sun on my skin, hearing the birds chattering at me when I got too close to their nesting spots, savoring the taste of my mint tea, smelling the strong scent of manure mixed with whiffs of hyacinths and other spring bulbs, and seeing the quality of the light. In addition to paying attention with my senses, I am also paying attention with my heart center.

Friday afternoon in the grocery store may seem like an unlikely place to practice this – but it turns out it is an amazing opportunity to engage with a wide cross section of my community. Anyone who met my gaze, I looked back, allowing a sense of compassion and peace to come up in me and to be transmitted to the other. Most people quickly looked away. Some people looked at me, smiled, and moved on. A few, met me in that social synapse and in that moment our separation disappeared. Part of me wants to delete this whole paragraph – but I am going to let my words stand.

I carried this practice into my hearth space last night – making a meal from simple ingredients with elaborate preparation. Instead of sauce out of a jar, I made sauce from scratch. Instead of shredded cheese, I took blocks of cheese and shredded them. Whole eggs from a local organic farm blended with dried herbs from my summer garden came together into an incredible feast. All who ate at our table last night oohed and aahed and hmmed and ummmed and smacked their lips. Life is truly delectable when we pay attention!

Now this morning as I sit here, I realize that the month has flown by and instead of anticipating and preparing for a new moon council, I have been letting her energy carry me along, trusting her waxing and waning energies to hold me in her loving embrace.

Blessings to you dear Moon Mother!


~~~Soulskin is shimmering~~~

November 28, 2007

I needed to take some time to tend to my sealskin. Clarissa Pinkola Estes talks of a woman’s need to periodically moisten her sealskin/soulskin and for the last several years – this is an annual practice for me.

I spent some time reading, writing, doing a bit of art – not as much as I would like to. I walked the forested dunes and swamps between the Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. I bathed in the light of our moon mother and joined her as she beckoned the tides to creep higher and higher onto the sandy shoreline.

Walking, breathing, thinking until my thoughts were gone and my mind still and empty.

Re-reading Joan Anderson’s A Year by the Sea and An Unfinished Marriage.

Laying in my sleeping bag, watching the moon peek through the clouds and then hide her face.

I chose to do this retreat on my own – even though it meant I missed Weaving Soulful Community. My tribe of fellow questers were in my heart even though I wasn’t at Seven Oaks to join them. Perhaps next year…


Venus and Saturn and the waning moon

September 8, 2007

For the past several nights the moon mother, la bella luna, shines in my eyes, telling me “don’t go back to sleep” and I lay there capturing dreams that would otherwise have escaped. Is that her plan – to wake me up so I won’t forget?

During my solo fast, the last night, just after the moon set and before the sun rose, I fell into a deep sleep. Dreams began to appear and would have gone unnoticed, but a small critter ran over me, telling me wake up now! Without that interruption to my slumber, I doubt I would remember my dreams from that night. Blessings to the four legged ones who watched over me that night.

Last night, I planned on a hot bath and bed, but instead, I spent the evening on the phone hearing GREAT NEWS about baby Jedrek’s tumor, shrinking. We go for a CT scan on Monday and if it has pulled away from some important structures – surgery will come soon. This is miraculous! He is doing so well. I believe I will sit at his high school graduation bawling my eyes out and feeling love and pride and happiness for his journey.

I fell into bed, exhausted, but just had to finish “A Three Dog Life” – a fabulous book of love and hope and living in the moment – acceptance, grace, and the inexplicable collide in this gripping memoir. I don’t know if I would have her courage and will to survive.

Just before dawn, I startled awake, wanting to see the rising sliver of moon. My DH opened the blinds and there she was with Saturn and Venus as her consorts. wow! wow! wow! That makes waking before dawn a YES!


Shamanic Journeying and Hypnobirthing

March 28, 2007

I am honored to serve as a birth companion for a friend and her husband. They already have a delightful young son and daughter and have also been foster parents. I often think how the world benefits from loving parents who understand themselves and their roles. I was reminded of this yesterday as we spent the day together and into the evening as I joined them for a hypnobirthing class.

So much of the process and imagery in hypnobirthing reminds me of theĀ  process and imagery of journeying. The breathwork has some similarities (and of course some differences!). I love the imagery of breathing down the baby. Instead of PUSH! ONE TWO THREE FOUR FIVE SIX SEVEN EIGHT NINE TEN! There is a series of oxygenating breaths – and an opening and releasing to let our wombs relax. I really could have benefited from this as a birthing mom.

I am excited about the upcoming full moon energies and their potential to invite this baby into the light!