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New book forthcoming – Warming the Stone Child

June 16, 2010

Forthcoming from SoundsTrue…

I have written something over 400 posts over the last five years – not a prolific blogger by any means – but I have blogged in spurts of energy and focused energy and intention. Sometimes, I check my blog stats to see what people are reading, or how they found me, or what they click on and it is fascinating to me that “Warming the Stone Child” is almost always in the all time top five search strings for this little blog.

I know that a lot of therapists and women’s groups use the audio files. That’s how I found my way to the warm and inspiring stories. I find that the work has aged well and holds up and has led me to look for other teaching stories that are a balm to the heart of the unmothered child within many of us.

And now… how many times have you looked for new work from Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes and read the words forthcoming…? for me? LOTS! But something is shifting…

Our cantadora has come out of her long respite and is sharing new work in the world. It began with some interviews scattered about the internet about her forthcoming work. Then some interviews with SoundsTrue. Mother Night burst on the scene and was followed by the Dangerous Old Woman. All of these are in audio format. I love audio format because I love her storytelling voice… but sometimes, I want a book…

I want to curl up with paper and pencil and a BOOK and I want to write in the margins and cover the pages with notes. I want to put that book aside and come back and reread it over and over, astounded by the notes that I took over time. And soon… well maybe soon is relative… CPE is going to release a flesh and blood ink and paper version of Warming the Stone Child – as a BOOK!

Tami Simon at soundstrue mentioned it during one of the sessions of the Dangerous Old Woman – but I don’t remember which one and haven’t heard it again as I listened through… but I know I heard it… for reallies I did! Somehow I thought it was spring – maybe spring 2012? Anyone else here that as they were listening?