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New Moon in Capricorn

December 27, 2008

For the solstice, I unplugged!

For several days I went without turning on the computer. No blogs or blogging. No research or writing. No email. No connection with anyone who wasn’t directly in front of me. I sat with the paradox of missing my online community and the joy of having lots more time to be present in my space. I am not sure how to balance those needs I have to be connected in ways that are not possible without the internet. Yet the computer and the internet are huge black holes of time and energy. And they feed me. And they suck me dry. How do you find that balance?

Solstice Santa brought me art supplies so I have been creating new palletes and color wheels and continuing my Mandala process of evoking myself from the womb of creation. I use this technique of black paper and lighter colored prismacolors. I became intrigued and enchanted with this process after stumbling onto Caterina’s lovely work. I am nowhere near the artist she is, but I have found the process deeply illuminating and helpful for identifying my unique style.

Another joy of internet connectivity is Starweaver’s moon musings and intentions. This is what I am sitting with in this dark moon time. I find his moon practice (full moon work and dark moon work) closely aligns with my own.

How do you honor the dark moon times in your life? How do they differ from the full moon energies in your life?

Questions for this Dark Moon:

How do I keep myself on track?
What old habit do I need to drop?
What new habit do I need to acquire?
What is the relationship between process and goal?


New Moon in Pisces Talking Staff Council

March 17, 2007

In our Divine Feminine Wisdom virtual circle – we sit in council, allowing silence as the moon wanes toward the new moon. Council closes as the first crescent moon becomes visible at sunset. Below is a portion of what I wrote to open this month’s council.

Vernal Equinox TSC (New Moon in Pisces)

Sweet succulent women of the divine – quickening for spring or (sinking down roots for autumn) I open this council with gratitude to the great goddess, the Wild Mother, to Hecate and Kali Ma! to sweet Persephone stirring in the underworld and reaching her tendrils up toward the lengthening days.

My trip to Kripalu was just what I needed! A week of brown rice, steamed vegetables and amazing whole foods lovingly prepared fed my physical body. Evenings of Kirtan chanting with Durga Das and drumming with the KDZ awoke my sleeping serpent. The days of working with my hands and making my goddess masks stirred deep tribal, primal memories and the images I created delight me. The women who shared this work with me are all goddesses in their communities. We came together in a loving container that held us all. The goddess came and brought many healing moments of grace for which I am feeling so deeply contented and thankful.

I don’t believe in soulmates – never have – but I now believe in soul sisters. Sisters who are living parallel lives and when you meet it is as if you have known each other in the land before time.

For those of us emerging into spring – How are you fertilizing your seedlings of possibility in your life? Who are your companion plants – the life forces that are synergistic for you and who bring out your most beautiful blossoms? Where do you thrive? Is it in the shade of a mature tree? Is it in the middle of meadow? A solitary bloom up above treeline? or on a marsh – watching the birds come and go? Are you one to stake out a spot on the dune so you can feel sea spray at high tide? Or are you more likely to evolve in a blackwater woods? Are you flashy and showy with blossoms that romance the butterflies? or do you attract others to you with more subtle senses of fragrance on the breeze? Visionary Spring, rising sun, east, new life… what is stirring for you?


Sweet Sixteen

March 10, 2007

The second best thing about making a chocolate cake with seven minute icing is having it for breakfast in the morning.

The last several nights – I have not been able to sleep – the moon is in my eyes and she is wanting to tell me something. I roll over and try to sleep and soon she is in my eyes again – beckoning me to wake up! She who goes down at dawn and sleeps all day! Last night was no different.

This morning though, as I lay in a half-dream state, I heard a raven cawing outside my window. Yesterday as I lay in the bath – two turkey vultures (they look like hawks but they are not!) flew right past my window, cruising just above the pin oak. The moon, the vultures, the raven, all wanting me to pay attention.


I love to celebrate and what better occasion than sweet sixteen? I was running through my memories recalling prior birthdays. I remember turning six and having a twin party with my best friend Lisa. She and I wore matching gingham dresses – hers was pink and mine was blue. Her father who worked in the forestry industry had just completed a massive (to my six year old eyes) deck of wood in their backyard. We celebrated being six outside in the June sunshine. I can remember feeling really happy to share this day with Lisa.

I think I remember turning ten, but I can clearly remember turning 14! I can even remember the orange velvet bell bottoms that I wore to the beach that weekend. We had a wonderful slumber party in the clubhouse of the marina where my parent kept their sail boat. I have no memory of my other birthdays until 18! That was the day that both of my exes showed up with roses. My mother was thrilled and I was mortified.

Of course I remember 21! My mother took me to Victor Hugo’s and ordered me a daiquiri – yuck! Later a man friend took me to a bar and ordered me a scotch – double yuck! It would be a long time before I developed a love of wine and I still don’t like daiquiris or scotch.

Twenty five is vivid in my memory! I spent that day with a very kind and supportive friend – John Eckman. My life was in total disarray – my divorce was final, I was in a new tumultuous relationship, I was at a very uncomfortable crossroads. John opened his heart and his home to me and we spent an evening together. I will always feel a deep sense of gratitude for his kindness at a time when I felt so isolated and unlovable.

Thirty came along and I was on top of the world! In that year, I graduated with a masters degree, built a house, and got married! I wonder what was going on in my astrological charts that year? It was incredible!

Perhaps my best birthday was last year. At the end of a long journey, with the road stretching ahead of me and some free days at last, I decided to take a detour and return to the Great Sand Dunes of Colorado. Before dawn on my birthday I hiked out into the middle of the dune field and sat facing east. It was very cold, and there was a slight breeze. I began to drum. I drummed and drummed and drummed until voila! the sun rose over the Sangre de Cristos! A truly magical and mysterious moment of communion with the sun king.

Now I remember my 16th birthday. I went to the DMV and took a driving test and got my first license! How could I forget that?


Angeles Arrien suggests that instead of celebrating our birthday once per year, that we celebrate it each month by doing something new that we have never done before. I may be cheating a by going a bit early, but my mask making adventure will be my March celebration of my birthday.

Spring quickenings to all!


Lunar Eclipse

March 3, 2007

I just got around to reading my mail from Mooncircles and I am intrigued by her analogy of eclipses as earthquakes on fault lines in our natal charts. In her article titled Full Moon Reflections – April Elliott Kent asks:

What was happening in your life in 2002/2003, 1997/98, 1993, 1988?

Two of those were periods of huge job changes for me, one was a period of major purchases and cross country travel and I married and built a house in 1988. These years represent  huge transitions in my life. They correspond to the Virgo/Pisces fault line in my chart. Now if I just knew what that means!

  • My Rising Sign is in 10* Virgo
  • My Sun is in 28* Gemini
  • My Moon is 11* Leo

Any suggestions on Astrology for neophytes would be appreciated!


Moon Magic

January 18, 2007


Something happened to me during the dark times of the moon and the longest night this past December. An energetic shift that I cannot describe in words or images – it is something I feel in my body and something that is changing my place in the world.

For several months now (though it feels like forever) I have been listening to Angeles Arrien talk about Gathering Medicine. Each time I listen I hear something new. I am not driving much – but when I am in the car I listen to the Eight Gates.

Since I received my beautiful set of Gaian Tarot cards – I have been visiting Joanna’s site and learning about her creative process – the steps she takes to absorb the energy and signifigance of each card – then the moment of surrender when the music is playing and the card takes shape. I feel that history and that process in each and every image.

The collage activities of the New Moon Journal are also supporting this shift in energy. Astrology is not something I am all that interested in – but the tidal surges of moon energy within me inspire me to stick with the twelve collage process.

The quiet of the last few days restored me.


Capricorn New Moon Collage

January 15, 2007

Title: Living in a Life Forge
(see image of collage)

Who am I?

  • I am the one looking in the mirror and seeing beauty looking back
  • I am the one who watches and waits, trusting right timing
  • I am the one who made space and is now opening to new possibilities
  • I am the one who remembers the ancient rituals
  • I am the one planting seedlings in the garden of my soul
  • I am the one who trusts the power of the fire
  • I am the one who remembers the roaring of the sacred river

What do you give me?

  • I give you time and space, freedom, creativity, beauty, and warmth
  • I give you loving acceptance, courage, and focus
  • I remind you to listen to the whisper and move at the pace of guidance

Is there anything else you want to tell me?
The forge is a powerful metaphor for what is coming. The gathering work of the last four years prepared you for the fire of transformation. You are ready to take your place. The world is holding its breath waiting for you to claim your original medicine. Do not be afraid. Others will challenge you and doubt you – that’s ok – jumping mouse remembers.

How will I remember?

  • When you see a flame you will feel the transformative fire
  • When you see beauty, you will know that you are looking in a mirror
  • When you see space, you will experience endless possibilities
  • When you see time, you will know there is abundance

I wrote a few days ago about the New Moon Journal collage challenge. This is my new moon in Capricorn card. It is interesting to me that I have been re-reading my father’s memoir and sinking into his energy and memories on this third anniverary of his death – and yet in this card, there is a lot of loving maternal energy for me.

I adore the wise, old, crone with her slippers in the upper left corner. She sees all. Moons rise and moons set and all is as it should be. The clock seemed an odd addition – but I really wanted it there – and now I realized it was there to remind me of the pace of guidance and right time. The colors of turquoise and indigo combine with the reds and oranges to create a memory of the southwest. Frida reminds me of the importance of allowing Aphrodite to see herself reflected in all that she gazes upon. The corner cupboard is empty – it is the place left open after I surrendered my life scroll to the fire.

When I hear Michele talk about “I build” I don’t sense that energy here as far as creating a structure or building – but as I let this image work on me – it feels like a foundation. The amalgamation of several years of work creating fertile soil and also clearing away impediments.

If you are interested in this process… go visit the New Moon Journal and see yourself!


Capricorn New Moon – I/XII

January 7, 2007


In the land of blogs and online groups – one click leads to another and connections are made in ways that fully support my unfolding. I stumbled upon the New Moon Journal the other day because it was linked to something else I was looking at. I fell in love with her collage slideshow and stuck around a bit to read about her interests. What really caught my eye was the New Moon / Full Moon split – since this is something we are now doing in Divine Feminine Wisdom .

I first learned of SoulCollage from Fran at Sacred Ordinary . I spent a little time with SoulCollage but left it for other interests. The part of the SoulCollage process that I found of greatest value is the use of imagery and then the use of Active Imagination to dialog with the images that are created out of the unconscious. I believe that the soul speaks in images and has secrets to share with us. I benefited from being a part of KaleidoSoul – Anne Marie and the rest of the people there are incredibly generous with their time and encouragement! One day I think that collage will be an important part of my process – but for now my colored pencils and Neocolor IIs reign supreme. Yet there was this inexorable tug that pulled me into the New Moon Collage process.

I am ignorant of astrology other than knowing my sun sign – Gemini. In my explorations over the last few days – I have learned a lot about the richness of astrology and perhaps that and my interest in astronomy is what pulled me in. I will share a bit from my journal about how this collage developed for me.

The intersection of the new moon and the winter solstice and my father’s death anniversary led to a very fruitful period of exploration. As I came out of that time – and the moon began to swell – I found the Gaian Tarot and did a three card spread which celebrated the return of the Sun and also the return of the light – and offered me a sense of joy that has been quiet over the last four years.

As I read the background information from Michele’s site about this collage project – I began to make notes.

  • Full moon in Cancer shifting to a new moon in Capricorn
  • Cancer – family, inner authority, mother
  • Capricorn – father, structure, outer authority
  • Balancing the mother and father, light and dark, male and female, this and that

This musing led me to want to know my natal chart. I emailed my Mom for my time of birth and I checked the Naval Observatory for the phase of the moon at my birth. I was startled to learn that my rising sign is Virgo! From there I found a list of which constellations were in each of my Twelve Houses. Before this – the only knowledge I had of these houses was from the song Age of Aquarius!

When the moon is in the Seventh House
And Jupiter aligns with Mars
Then peace will guide the planets
And love will steer the stars

As I researched the potentials for each of the constellations in each of my houses – it was eerie how close many of them are to my intrinsic nature!

So Cancer is in my 11th house and Capricorn is in my 5th house. I ran with that for a bit – and then began to feel very overwhelmed by the whole process – a sure sign to stop thinking and start collecting images. I collected images over a few days – added some and took some away and when I had a dozen or so, I began this morning to play with them – allowing myself to be attracted by what I saw and the collage above is the result.

In time – I will do some of the I am the one who… reflections but for now – I am content to gaze at this creation and admire its beauty!

Thanks for the inspiration Michele!