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An early graduation present!

December 19, 2010

So in the midst of all the craziness of our lives… my husband was invited to San Francisco to give a talk. I was so worried it would interfere with my graduation… but everyone was accommodating. Thank you!

You see the last time I “walked” for one of my degrees was 1976!

I now have a BS, MS, MA and EdS and it is for this degree that I was willing to participate in a public ritual – not of my design!

And it was wonderful! Both the trip before and the experience of being hooded for this accomplishment.

Feeling so very grateful as we wax towards the winter solstice!


Eleven Practices – Draw It

June 14, 2010

Dr. Pinkola Estes says:

The contents of one’s unconscious is a language, and by doing creative work, that is work that originates with ourselves, with our original ideas, original voice, original movements, original learning, giving, et al, we make so many useful and helpful and beautiful things visible.

During periods of time in my life when I haven’t been able to make sense of things on a thinking or verbal level, I draw mandalas.  A few years ago I was introduced to the work of Dr. Judith Cornell – and began to create illuminated mandalas. When I look back through the series – I never stop being surprised by the wisdom of the unconscious – how my Self knows long before my I/everyday/ego/self what transformations are lurking on the horizon.

I continue to pay attention to my “one thing” and it continues to pay attention to me.


The Red Book

September 26, 2009

redbookAnd Jungians, almost by definition, tend to get enthused anytime something previously hidden reveals itself, when whatever’s been underground finally makes it to the surface.


Drinking from the well of compassion

March 15, 2009

Well of Compassion

I took advantage of my week off to get caught up on several projects and I also gave myself some time to do ART! I started this with the idea of a tree… and its branches in the rich soil and it’s winter branches waiting for spring… and then the underground flow began with the blues. I never think I am going to like these when they are emerging, but when they are done, I am always touched and surprised.

What practices do you return to over and over that return you to your source?


New Moon in Capricorn

December 27, 2008

For the solstice, I unplugged!

For several days I went without turning on the computer. No blogs or blogging. No research or writing. No email. No connection with anyone who wasn’t directly in front of me. I sat with the paradox of missing my online community and the joy of having lots more time to be present in my space. I am not sure how to balance those needs I have to be connected in ways that are not possible without the internet. Yet the computer and the internet are huge black holes of time and energy. And they feed me. And they suck me dry. How do you find that balance?

Solstice Santa brought me art supplies so I have been creating new palletes and color wheels and continuing my Mandala process of evoking myself from the womb of creation. I use this technique of black paper and lighter colored prismacolors. I became intrigued and enchanted with this process after stumbling onto Caterina’s lovely work. I am nowhere near the artist she is, but I have found the process deeply illuminating and helpful for identifying my unique style.

Another joy of internet connectivity is Starweaver’s moon musings and intentions. This is what I am sitting with in this dark moon time. I find his moon practice (full moon work and dark moon work) closely aligns with my own.

How do you honor the dark moon times in your life? How do they differ from the full moon energies in your life?

Questions for this Dark Moon:

How do I keep myself on track?
What old habit do I need to drop?
What new habit do I need to acquire?
What is the relationship between process and goal?


Spiral Dance

September 23, 2008

Word Soup

July 19, 2008