Eleven Practices – Dream it!

June 13, 2010

Dr. Pinkola Estes advises:

dance it, sleep it, ask to dream it
write down what you dream and see if there is any resonance or intelligence to match what you are working on. Write all dreams down or otherwise annotate them by writing your associations to each noun, verb, adjective over the top of the line, then read your dream back to yourself, using the associations instead of the original nouns, verbs, adjectives. This will bring you depth and ideas about your ONE THING. Tie what you learn from your associations to your ONE IDEA. If nothing fits, leave it for later. It’s like fabric scrap; you might be able to use it later. My experience with the unconscious in myself and my analysands is that unconscious doesnt always offer materials in order. So save back whatever is left over. And write whatever you care to or can, down. Note them in some way. Our memories can only hold so much archetypal material at a time.

After the death of my father I began to work with my dreams. I have always been a prolific dreamer and vividly remember dreams going back to when I was a young child. There were several recurring dreams that I used to have and I worked on them briefly in my twenties – but I didn’t have the depth or breadth to really let them work me. During the five years that I worked with Salmon Boy – I faithfully recorded, danced, drew, imagined, created, and acted out my dreams. Going back to that gusher of creativity I found that I had dreamed many years before it happened many of the emergent possibilities that I am now living.

I am not dreaming about my one thing right now – but I have in the past.

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