Eleven practices – write it

May 25, 2010

If you write and you haven’t experienced Natalie Goldberg’s writing down the bones, consider it for those times when your writing practice needs some outside mojo to move it along. I know there are many who swear by Cameron’s morning pages – but that has never been something I was drawn to do. Maybe because I am not a “writer.”  I write to figure things out and to remember and to process, but I am not a “writer.”

So this next step from dr. e. which grew out of the Dangerous Old Woman first set of oral teachings is to take that one thing and write about it. I thought about this a bit… and not being a writer… it didn’t grab me… but then the part of her practice that is about writing five true things… that practice feels similar to the gratitude practice that I revert to when things feel too happy or too sad or too much… Five True Things? That I can write. And I was drawn to that already. But now – combine this idea of five true things about the focused one thing – and it all begins to click into place.

My one thing is persistent! I have been ignoring it and it has been nipping at my ankles. I ignore. It nips. I deflect. It chest slams me. I get distracted and go off to read something unrelated and it brings me a teaching story with the theme that I am avoiding…

I am avoiding this theme because it isn’t familiar, popular, agreed upon, or seen by others in the way I see it. I have written and written and written about it… and discussed and shared and argued and wondered about it… and read and read and read about it… but I haven’t made it a practice to write Five True Things about it.

I think “it” would like that. I can see it smiling as it sits over there in the corner licking its whiskers.

And you? Are you doing any focus work right now?

And if you haven’t yet wandered over to SoundsTrue to see the new offerings by dr. e. , check them out… they are feasts for the soul… they contain provisions for the journey… my saddlebags are overflowing.


One comment

  1. Hi Julie!

    Enjoying your blog! These five true things…I don’t get it…it feels like a gratitude list to me as well, which is good, but then the one true thing…confusing. I am easily distracted with PTSD and I am healing. I just started the morning pages again, finding 3 pages of writing very difficult. I do like CPE suggested and rewrite the same word, a lot! What has been coming up lately for me is awareness of bitterness I carry. I feel it in me? In midnightwriter CPE expresses this beauteously~June 2…


    Scar Clan
    Tribe of the Sacred Heart

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