April 21, 2010

I am taking a class in Clinical Hypnosis. I took Level I last summer and this spring I am in Level II. I am finding it a wonderful addition to my toolbox. At first, I was using just the guided imagery / progressive relaxation aspect of it with people – and they loved it.

I find it heartening that people are able to go into the wellspring of the imaginal world so easily and find peace, respite, healing and wholing inside themselves.

I have done this work myself through Deep Imagery, through Active Imagination, Dream Work, Inner Work, Visual Arts, Mandala, and more but this is a new step for me to bring it into my work with others and I am finding it exciting.

My guide in this work has been asking me to step up my work from using the skills I come by naturally, to working with specific scripts for anxiety reduction, ego strengthening, etc. I am just starting to shift in this way, and the results have been astonishing.

I am so grateful to have wise guides as I apprentice to this work.

Where in your life do you have a wise guide who recognized and nurtures your potential?

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