Welcome Home… to the fireside…

April 14, 2010

“Welcome Home everyone, welcome home, welcome to the fireside of the Dangerous Old Woman.

It is a gathering of the tribe of the Sacred Heart, here at the fireside and tonight I have to say that I am a little choked up because it’s the culmination of thirty years work and the first time, and properly so, brought out into the world, The Dangerous Old Woman manuscript that was thirty years in the making.

And now, here we are together at long last. This makes me so happy and I am thankful to SoundsTrue and to Tami Simon to all the people I call the hobbits of the engineering studio for helping me bring this work to you.

I’ve tried to find a way to tell you what the schemata is of the Dangerous Old Woman material and so I am going to briefly describe what every session will cover generally. The way that the material was written through the angels that inspire me was that each one starts with an archetypal motif that belongs to the Dangerous Old Woman. Such as La Anciana – the Ancient Woman – the ancient wise woman or La Tejadora, the weaver, the one who weaves life and death skeins, weaves the fabric of life and cuts it off the loom. Or the midwife exemplar, which is another aspect of the Dangerous Old Woman. So every session will open with an archetypal motif.

And then, also, each session, has a little tiny poem called “Listen Dearie” and Listen Dearie is in honor of my aunt Edna who was a Cherokee woman about six foot two inches tall who married into our family. And seemed to start almost every other sentence out with “Listen Dearie, let me tell you how it is.” So, there’s a little poem at the beginning of each session that’s called Listen Dearie and hopefully has a little snippet of wisdom in it.

And then there is a, a little introduction about the archetypal motif. And then after that the story about how I first heard the story I’m about to tell you because I grew up in a family that could not read or write, who told stories. And so, the stories were told, in relationship to the work, or in relationship to what was seen in the fields, or out the window, or in the woods. A story was not something that you opened a book and you took a story and you read the story out loud. It was always related to other things.

So I tell a story around the story, a little tiny story, then there will be a fairy tale or a myth that I hope will elucidate the archetype aspect of the Dangerous Old Woman that we’re going to talk about in that particular session. And then at the end there’s a blessing prayer in every session.

It’s like a door way in is the Listen Dearie and the door way out again until next time is the blessing at the end.

So that’s how we proceed.”

Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes opens the first session of the Dangerous Old Woman at SoundsTrue.

Won’t you sign up for the series and join us at the fire?

Even if you cannot join us, take a moment to listen to her Audio Invitation at the Dangerous Old Woman page at SoundsTrue.


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