Dangerous Old Woman – Session One

April 13, 2010

Tami Simon opens this first session by saying she may have been waiting a lifetime for this session of the Dangerous Old Woman – me too! What a thrill to sit at the fireside with CPE as she shares this opus with us. I could feel myself wriggling and eager and also experienced a deep sense of calm and readiness to experience this gathering. Since the Mother Night presentation, I have been listening to the mother night recordings in my car as I drive from place to place. I imagine it will be the same thing with the Dangerous Old Woman. These teachings are to be savored. They don’t sink in on first hearing for me. It is the repetition of the story with the in between times to savor them that allows the learnings to settle into my bones.

I don’t drive much, but when I do, that is when I have time to focus and listen and really let the teaching stories in. One year, I commuted for nine months, that was the year of Theatre of the Imagination. I listened to those cassette tapes as I went up and down the interstate from late August through the crisp autumnal apple ripening time through the frosts and freezes and the dark still time of deep winter. And in the spring, as the willows put out their first leaves, the forsythia bloomed, lambs were born and finally late spring arrived, I emerged transformed from the cauldron of transformation.

Of course I own WWRWTW – and have read parts of it hundreds of times… and I imagine there might be parts that I have never read. I tend to use the book for bibliomancy – that serendipitous opening of the page to what might most be relevant in my life in the moment. The synchronicities are plentiful due to the rich material of that work. Yet my preferred way of taking in CPE is through the oral tradition. It is her voice that delivers the teaching story on so many levels. I hear in her voice all the characters of the teaching story. I hear all my projections onto CPE about the women that I have yearned for in my life. I hear the parts of the mending tale that I most need to hear, and the rest fades into the background. It is the repeated listening that makes the work leach into my bones.

All of this is to say that I am eager to encounter this work in the oral tradition of the spoken word. Yes – there is a part of me that would like to possess a BOOK that I could write in the margins and hold in my hands… but there is a larger part of me that resonates with the melodious and fluid flow of her words.

And you? how is it to be encountering the Dangerous Old Woman through this oral tradition?


One comment

  1. I am excited as well. Due to lack of funds I will need to be patience until I can afford the C.D.s I will say I look forwards to hearing the discussion on her new work. I get incredibly empowered by other women who have experienced her work and share their feelings, their journeys, their stories and their hearts. In the meantime I have plenty of her other work that I still learn from and savory!

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