March 24, 2010

Are you as excited as I am to have received this email from Dr. E. today? Soon…

Amongst the ancient images of the wise old woman, I believe we find one of the greatest premises: We are not meant to lead life by the limited sights of the ego or the culture we happened to be born into, but rather we are meant to lead with the Soul . . . and to help ego learn to serve the Soul in every single one of our wild and wise endeavors and creations.

While it’s true we are living in times that are challenging outwardly and personally, and that the gaining of wisdom is not only a set of lessons, but a set of vows and inspired plans . . . we are also standing together in the ancient soul with La que sabe, “the one who knows” the ways through with dignity and with much flourishing both.

In gathering years, seeing becomes being . . . rather than our just “being what we were handed” by way of paltry “seeing” from the collective point of view.

Thus, as I’ve told you many times before, and I tell you now, and will continue to tell you dearly: Do not lose heart . . . for we belong to a tribe that has never before been seen on planet earth . . . Never has such a huge tribe of souls existed all at the same time who are so alert, so gifted, so filled with street sense.

Never before has there been such a huge group of women worldwide who carry the capacity to bridge, to reach across to one another, and out into the world. Never before has there existed such an enormous tribe of women willing and able to fulfill the callings of their souls on earth with verve, with style, with critical insights, and with love.

We are Tribe of the Sacred Heart. For many of us, our clan is Scar Clan. Just know the fireside is already blazing. I know you can see the great flames of heart’s intention from wherever you are now. Come join us. The Dangerous Old Woman is fully present, and we, your tribe, are waiting for you.

This comes with love and with peace,

Dr. E


  1. Hi Julie ~ Can you tell me where I can sign up to receive news from Clarissa P. Estes?
    Thanks for posting this – I love to read anything and everything coming from her wild heart.

    I’ve joined your “The Dangerous Old Woman” discussion group and your “Divine Feminine Wisdom” group, but I haven’t heard anything yet. Is it that you are not taking in members to these groups, or are you very busy? :)

    I’m excited to be re-joining the ranks of the Scar Clan. I’ve read the transcript of “Diamonds in the Dark” at Sounds True, at the same time as I listened to the interview with Dr. Estes, a very powerful interview. A “Diamond” Bird had come to me in a dream two days before, so I think I was meant to come and find your news here, in your Emerging Crone blog. I am so thankful you are still writing.

    Thank you so much for keeping the fires burning.

  2. Stella!
    Welcome home… very busy in the middle world right now… but no worries, I am still finding time to gather kindling for the fire that we will have at our homecoming. Stay tuned!

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