Dear Diary…

December 25, 2009

I see you here covered in dust and feeling neglected and wondering where I have been. Well…. it is complicated. When I started blogging in 2005 or so – I was just sort of talking to myself and felt anonymous. I can’t believe that I ever felt that pouring my heart out on the page and then publishing it to the internet felt anonymous -but it did :)

And then I met people – lots of people. Before FB there were blogs and blogrolls and connections upon connections. I wonder if part of my neglect of this space, is that I am more connected now, more embedded in a community of others with similar interests, values, desires, and yearnings.

Or is the neglect because I was deeply contented this last quarter of the year?

From autumnal equinox to winter solstice was a period of deep satisfaction and resting and consolidating.



  1. I have just added you to my blogroll and am looking forward to spending time here this year. How are you???

    I so wish that Clarissa’s “Dangerous Old Woman” would get published this year.

  2. I hope that through our blogs and various networks, we can spread the word that she is doing the online conversation for Dangerous Old Woman” and then have a repeat of WWRWTW where her readers create the momentum that allows for just the right publishing relationship to appear to tempt Dr. E. to put her words in print.

    In the meantime – I am grateful to SoundsTrue and Tami Simon for creating the space for Mother Night to emerge.

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