The true cost of food

September 20, 2009

It is hard to argue with people who think that buying food at the grocery school for pennies a pound is cheaper than growing your own food.

So I am not going to argue with those people – like the woman who had an article in the Washington Post Business Section this morning about how growing your own vegetables is meaningful and satisfying but doesn’t save money.

I think we are thinking about the true cost – she and I – in different ways. How do you think about the true cost of goods and services? If you think those tomatoes in the grocery store at $0.99 per pound are cheaper than mine out of my own garden, consider this.

What are your thoughts?


One comment

  1. hello,

    I wrote to you earlier, but never heard back…..I’ll only be here another two weeks, perhaps we can connect? My sculpture goes up in a day…..hooray!
    Anyway, bright blessings at Thanksgiving,


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