Prom Drama

May 3, 2009

Are things more complicated now than when I was in school? I think so! They are definitely more expensive!

I imagined that since our boy is in a long term stable relationship – prom would be a no brainer. No such luck…

  • His friends
  • $$$
  • Her friends
  • $$$
  • After Prom
  • $$$
  • Dinner before Prom
  • $$$

So many relationships to consider and such complications. And it is hard to know what actions are most supportive right now. So I am talking (little) listening (lots!) and whipping out my checkbook to pay for a tuxedo rental since that seems to be really, really, really, important! And this from a boy who has worn the same two pair of cargo shorts for four years! I think I can splurge on a tux rental. What do you think?


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