Hope and promise

April 12, 2009

What is is about an incredible blue sky after a day or so of rain that makes me feel so inspired? Yesterday was sourdough and inside work – the brisk north wind made working inside appealing – and I had a nice little fire in the fireplace so the house smelled so good – baking bread and woodsmoke.

Today though – I just knew I wanted to have my hands in the soil – to work the garden – to feel for myself if the temperature is warm enough for seedlings. I have a few things in the greenhouse – waiting for the weather to stabilize a bit – but for the most part – everything this year is going straight into the ground as seed, or as plants from a local plant nursery.

I drove to the community garden, and found the gate locked – often this makes me smile because I know I am the only one there. I love the community – but I also love the solitary nature of gardening – me, my thoughts, my lack of thoughts, the sun, the breeze, seedlings, bird calls, and silence. I entered into that timeless place of flow where I don’t know if I was there for 10 minutes or ten hours. I worked until I felt like it was a good stopping place and then realized I really had to PEE – so I raced home.

I am still so inspired by Crunchy Chicken’s Golden Showers that I gifted my onion seedlings (who love nitrogen!) with the golden elixer. The dog thought this was hilarious and smiled.

So today I planted another row of potatoes (russets) next to the row of Yukon golds I planted earlier – was that last weekend? or Friday? The row cover had blown off the lettuce and broccoli so it was quite unhappy! I hope it recovers – but I think it endured several nights of 25 degree F nights – it was definitely looking touched by frost – and not in the good way of being deeply touched by an experience.

I also planted a small patch of spinach from seed, a few very short rows of red and white onions from plants and… is that all I did? sheesh! It seems like there should be more to show for the day…. but alas – much of time in this community plot is spent nurturing the depleted and tired soil and encouraging it back to health.

I feel hopeful today as the season is reborn.


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