Our Lady of Guadalupe

December 11, 2008

In the late spring of 2004, a few months after my father died, I dreamed of the desert and woke up with the scent of pinion smoke in the air and sand between my toes. I flew to Albuquerque, rented a car and took the Turquoise trail – passing through Madrid, NM staying at a lovely hacienda in Santa Fe, dining at the community table at Cafe Pasquale, and then off to Georgia O’Keefe landscapes.

In the middle of this journey, I met a woman who told me I must go to Chimayo – and there she appeared to me – our lady – and she held me and comforted me – and I knew I would survive the grief that weighed so heavily on my heart.

Blessings and Ave Maria

Affirmations for this Moon:
A new answer is waiting for me.
I can see the invisible path.
My hand finds the secret door.
I create unforeseen possibilities.



  1. Julie I too found my way to Chinmayo many years ago when my mother was dealing cancer. I brought home some dirt and gave it to her. Now that she is gone the little pot with the dirt sits on my altar. I continue to be held by the earths support and the divine feminine. Blessings to you. Thank you for the wonderful, supportive posting on my blog as well.

  2. What a touching story. Has she appeared to you again after that?

    I’m also so encouraged by those that have been touched by divine messengers…thanks for sharing!

  3. Merry Christmas! I have been to all the places you mention here although Our Lady did not appear to me at Chimayo. Beautiful country.

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