Crones Council

November 28, 2008

This has been a powerful new moon shift for me – how about you?

I felt the shift coming… and then several different bloggers who are way more knowledgeable and attuned than I talked about what was happening in the astrological realm…

And there has been a big opening for me – around a lot of things in my life – my professional realm, my personal realm, and especially in the realm of soul work. Saying Yes! to larger story.

I get some interesting comments and email about my claim to be an Emerging crone. Some are convinced I am a wise woman. Some are convinced I am too young to make this claim. Some have very clear ideas about who can and cannot be a crone. And of course through the last seven years that I have traveled as aspiring crone or emerging crone – I too have had those wonderings – when am I crowned/croned? Since coming through the Red Moon Passage – these wonderings at times feel more urgent. How will I know? Who will participate? How will I honor this life passage? And now there is no urgency. No knowing. Just being. I have no answers.

And I just read this wonderful quote by Shanua Adix:
On the meaning of the word “crone”: “Crone for me is living in a way that is beyond ego, and not dictated from external sources. It is finding and owning one’s voice and being willing to pay the consequences. It is living from the inside out–having had enough experience to integrate so you can make choices about what fits and doesn’t fit–and making that the bulwark of one’s value system. So my sense of Crone is that you have to be old enough to have enough life experience to integrate. But for some people, especially if they carry past life experience with them, that could come at a very early age. That is why at Crones Counsels we make no age limits. Unless we are willing to claim for ourselves what Crone is about, there is no way to be empowered, because we will still be listening to external voices telling us what Crone is rather than deciding for ourselves.”

And isn’t this what it is really about? Deciding for ourselves when we have reached this saging stage of our lives?

In the last couple of days, I have been reading a dissertation about the Crones Council by Susan Stauffer and the in weeks prior, I have read several other disserations from wise women – who like me – took a leap in this stage of their life to do something bold and life altering. That leap will not be a Ph.D. for me – but in reading their dissertations, it gives me solace and traveling companions for my journey back into higher education.

One comment

  1. Thank you Dr. E. You are such a gift to the world and a total inspiration to all of us in the scar clan. Love & Peace be with you forever.


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