Life in Pictures

November 27, 2008
Disneyland opening 1955

Disneyland opening 1955

I was browsing through the photos from Life magazine this morning and this really captured my imagination!

My parents moved to California in 1955 and were among the first visitors to Disneyland when it opened. Until I left California, Disneyland was a place where I often celebrated New Year’s Day – it used to be deserted on this day! Even as a child of ten, my parents would drop me off for the day with a girlfriend, give us a book of “E” tickets and a few dollars for food (which of course we spent on candy!) and we would roam the streets from opening to closing – free and unfettered by adult chaperones. Disneyland in the fifties and sixties was “safe” and idyllic and fun…

So on this day of Thanksgiving – among my more profound thanks – is this more fanciful thanks – I am thankful for the freedom that I had to roam through this enchanted land – swirling in teacups, screaming on bobsleds, voyaging under the sea, and peeking through the fence to see the workers who made the magic happen.


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