Where I’m From

November 21, 2008

Where I’m From
with a nod to George Ella Lyon

I am from the golden state,
from fields of orange poppies.
I am from the turquoise waters
sheltering Garibaldi in forests of kelp.
I am from abalone shells and jade,
carried to shore by Yemaya.

I sail through the night
under a blanket of stars
phosphorescence trails in my wake.
At dawn, I wait for the wind to fill my sails,
while listening to the bell song fill Avalon Bay.

I am from the golden state,
where summer hills are soft brown
and winter rains create uproars of green
while San Jacinto is mantled in white.

I am from the Pacific
whose salt coats my lungs
and whose tar seeps stain my sandy feet.
I am the girl of the Island of the Blue Dolphin
content to live alone.

I am from the balcony watching the golden sun
sizzle into a shimmering sea
longing to follow it as it shines
on unseen worlds.
I am from China Town and Sutter’s Mill,
pigtails and pitchforks,
extracting the precious flecks of golden ore.

I am from the golden state,
infused with gold.
I carry gold and offer gold.


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