October 9, 2008

I am so torn… Part of me is aching for Sara Palin – she is such an easy target. I imagine she is struggling and stressed and feeling “promoted to her level of incompetence.” I have had jobs like that – and it was horrible. And this isn’t just a job! This is one heartbeat from being president… and she never went through the nominating process that Barack Obama did. We got to see Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama agree and disagree and struggle with the issues. And we spoke as Democrats in choosing him. Who in the heck chose her?

I don’t usually use this space for political ponderings… but this SNL sketch was just too funny – and even as I was laughing – there was a deep ouch for the cruelty.

Reminds me of a song… “you have to be cruel to be kind, in just the right measure”.

Perhaps the cruelty is a way of saying – yikes! you are in over your head!


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