Also feeling the pull

September 16, 2008

I woke up a little bit ago and saw the full moon peeking through the clouds. I haven’t been sleeping much the past few nights – feeling alive! and restless! Since my work with Shen Dao – I have had a ton more energy – which is a good thing since I am spending some time cleaning, decluttering, and feathering my nest.

We have lived here twenty years come December – and there are rooms that have never been painted since the day we moved in. The room we sleep in – has had hard use. Two german shepherd girl dogs, and a small boy lived and slept in there with us and I used to wonder why we had more than one bedroom since we all slept together! So our sleeping room is now freshly painted and will get new flooring today.

Our living space downstairs has two doors and two windows that are open most of the year. This means lots of dust and dirt traipsing through that room. I was painting it the year my father became ill. I remember standing on a ladder, paint brush in my hand, when my mother called and said “come now!” That room remained in that state for three months… reminding me of the vigil that I was keeping. Then the painintg as finally finished – but my push to refresh the room went dormant for a long, long time.

And yesterday – the room got new flooring. We shifted from a deep intense dark shade that hid the escapades of a boy and his dog, to a soft light color that makes the room seem huge.

I am working through the Autumn Correspondence Course with Waverly Fitzgerald. She is a gifted observer and equally gifted at expressing those observations in words. She diligently researched the origins of ideas, traditions, and customs. Her scholarship appeals to me. So many times I read about traditions or customs – but the link isn’t made to their origin. Waverly makes those links for me – and in following the threads, the web that is woven is complex, nurturing, fascinating, and generates a sense of connectedness.

This morning, I read this post about the pull toward darkness – and yes I feel the pull too. I am fully ready to go into the long nights time and the looks within time. Are you?

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  1. Oh, absolutely! I love this time of year. It’s when I get more energized and more creative. I feel more centered. I identify most with the dark goddesses, and the long, long summer days up here make me feel unbalanced.

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