Shen Dao Clinic

September 5, 2008

Ever since my cataract surgery my night vision has been keen and clear. And my day vision is a problem. The eye that had the cataract removed seems to not be able to be corrected with glasses. I cannot see anything closer than about 100 feet with any clarity and the suggestion to just buy reading glasses doesn’t work because I would need ten pair – one for each distance – AND the eye that didn’t have surgery can’t see anything without correction… The doctor assures me that in time my brain will make sense of this and I will “learn” to see again. It has been seven months and what I have learned is to hold my neck in a particular way – and that makes part of the computer screen come into focus.

I noticed a month or so ago that I was getting a strange crick in my neck that escalated to full blown PAIN. I had a sense that traditional massage wasn’t going to resolve this since the root of it is in my vision issues. Recently I had read an article in the Rocktown Weekly about a new clinic here in town. I decided to give them a call and check them out.


I filled out an extensive health quesionaire and then we had a delightful talk about how I was experiencing my body. We drank a bitter tea as we chatted and I was struck by how graceful her movements are. She is a martial artist and her body is the expression of that art. I felt an immediate sense of trust and connection with her. She knows that I am very sensitive – and because of that I hate getting body work from people who are not grounded. Receiving body work or energy work from someone who is “airy fairy” and “love and light” always makes me feel like I stuck my finger in a light socket – torture. In this way, massage school ruined me. It is very hard for me to find practioners who can lay their hands of me in a way that I can receive. And now I have found one – Amara!

The treatment session was a combination of accupuncture, Tui Na, and what felt like some powerful sort of energy work mediated by her. During the craniosacral work, I felt several huge releases of pain and tension that I didn’t even realize I was holding. Towards the end, she did some joint mobilization work – I thought – uh oh – she doesn’t know my body doesn’t move that way – and I shouldn’t be surprised, but in her capable hands, my body did move that way. It felt like every joint in my body had been lubricated.

One session isn’t a cure – but it is a dramatic shift from the pain I had before the session. If you haven’t tried this modality – check out The Shen Dao Clinic – it is the real deal! I will be returning for more!

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