A Rumor of Angels

September 3, 2008

I have been combing the scholarly (and not so scholarly) literature recently around the evolution of the image of the crone. I have found some fabulous works –  dissertations out of Pacifica and the California Institute for Integral Studies – both places I considered for graduate work. This film was recommended to me and after all the chaos of the last several days, I just needed to be caught up in the imaginal world. This film was perfect for the occasion.

I had just returned from talking to a woman about the death of my father and the mystical journey that was for me as he crossed over. We were talking about in the moment of death, that there is a surrender and no fear.  There is a message in the film:

The soul leaves the body as a school boy jumps from a school door, suddenly and with joy. There is no horror in death.

This was my experience with my father’s transition out of his earthly body and into the place we go when we die. My father was afraid to die and afraid to die alone. When the time came, he had no fear and he wasn’t alone – on this side or the other of the thin veil that separates us.

What struck me about this movie is the wonderful character that Vanessa Redgrave plays. She personifies a succulent, juicy crone. She befriends a young pre-teen boy who is frozen in his grief after the death of his mother. Through their relationship, the grief thaws and melts and courses through the boy and he is able to find a peaceful place within himself to feel sadness and joy in the same moment.

I love! love! love! the synchronicity of a teaching story that arrives just when it is most needed.

With gratitude for the stories and the storytellers.


One comment

  1. I saw my grandfather depart this life when I was four years old. The adults were all busy looking down, and I wondered why, since he was floating over their heads toward the wall to my right, which was at the end of his hospital bed. He was headed toward the intersection of wall and ceiling. And then he was gone.

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