Kindness of Colleagues

September 2, 2008

The men and women of my husband’s department and college came together to see what might be done. One colleague contacted a former student who was known to be a wee bit obsessive. Yes! She has every lecture he ever posted to the web for every class she ever had with him and she will be compiling them to CD and mailing them to him by the end of the week.

The director of technology for the college had a temporary computer on his desk and already set up by the time he arrived on Monday. Many files that had been recently deleted from the shared server were restored and returned to him. This kind man knows what it is like to lose the information that faculty store on their computers. Even though it can never compensate him for what happened, he is ordering the newest, nicest computer – 3 GB of RAM and two 250 GB hard drives and a nice flat panel monitor.

Although there is a long road to recovery ahead… the kindness of colleagues means a lot to us right now. The phone calls, emails, visits, and yes – the students even brought chocolate cupcakes to the house! All these small acts of kindness envelop us in a quilt of love and caring.

Namaste to each of you. Your kindness means more than you can imaginge.


  1. How wonderful to be surrounded by so much love and kindness !

    Now you can appreciate all the positive that may come out of losing files. A great new beginning. A Coyote wink.

    With warm hugs from windy France.

  2. Oh, the blessings that come in the guise of disaster!
    May he see the silver lining through the clouds.
    And,another coyote wink for good measure.

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