Loss of a life’s work

August 30, 2008

Absent minded professor…

Yes – I am married to one. He can talk for 3 hours straight and never refer to his notes. He has written more books and papers – most of which are unpublished – his own ramblings recorded as an outlet for his passionate curiosity.

And so in the last year or so – someone convinced him if his hard drive failed – he would lose his life’s work… so he began to back up his files to an external hard drive – conveniently attached to his computer.

And so this morning at 7:30 – he entered his office – preparing to take  his class on a field trip and discovered that his office had been broken into. His computer and back up drive are gone. A life’s work – many years of his 34 four years of creativity – gone in a senseless theft.

If you send out prayers or blessings – please send one to this dear man who will be lost in the coming months as he figures out how to teach his classes without his powerpoint presentations, manuscripts, notes, papers, files, etc.

I am struggling to have faith in the basic goodness of humanity in this moment…

How do you manage when your faith is challenged?



  1. That is just beyond heartbreaking. I’m so sorry to hear this. I will send energy and blessings.

  2. I can understand how does he feel: one week ago my laptop was stolen, with many important data inside. However, absent minded scholars (as I am too) do not need vulgar devices as hard discs to gather their thoughts: they are carved in their (absent) minds. With the help of the Goddess, Who will give him energy and strength, this can be a great opportunity to summarize all his ideas in a more rational framework.


    P.S. I wrote another email address, since my previous one wasn’t of your taste.

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