Under the influence of Hestia

August 21, 2008

School will soon begin and I have had an incredible urge to get my house – inner and outer – in order and settled before we return to the routines of the university. In the midst of painting and de-cluttering and cleaning and gardening and canning – we have been entertaining and I have been cooking, cooking, cooking….

I cannot argue with Hestia when she decides to create a retreat space in which to nurture relationships with others. She is a force all of her own – and I am a willing supplicant.

This morning the house is quiet – and Athena has been sneaking onto the computer to do some research because Hestia is out with Aphrodite picking late summer flowers.

As I return to the archetypes of the goddess in preparation for offering an introductory group – I found this wonderful quotes:

Myths are archetypes in action…

The Great Goddess archetype is a cycle, like the moon, with no beginning and no end.

The moon is one, with multiple manifestations.

What women in groups can learn from the Goddess: The maiden-mother-crone trinity
Gomberg, L.E. 2001



  1. Hey! I’m a big fan of your blog! To show my appreciation, I’ve nominated you for an award! For the rules, visit my blog!
    Blessed Be!!!

  2. Dear Julia,

    I too have nominated your blog. To know the rules, visit my blog.
    Be blessed by the Goddess

  3. Blessed be.

    I recently found your blog on another page and I have been trying to read all your posts and try to catch up.

    I know that I will be coming back to your blog often to read and comment. I am looking forward to reading new posts on here.

    have a great week.

  4. Hi there!
    I just wanted to compliment you on your blog. I find it quite interesting, and varied! I’d like to invite you to check out our group at http://www.womenetcetera.com, and perhaps join us too! We blog, we share, we advice, we laugh and most important of all: We make forever friends! I’ve no doubt that you’ll fit right in!:)

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