Community Mediation Center

July 30, 2008

Monday I attended a marathon continuing education session to get recertified for J&DR mediation. In the training room there is a poster – and it is a whimsical illustration with these words from E. Paul Torrance. I wish someone had clued me in to this as a child. As a parent – I was slow to know this – but am making it up for it now.

Manifesto for Children
1) Don’t be afraid to fall in love with something & pursue it with intensity.
2) Know, understand, take pride in, practice, develop, exploit, & enjoy your greatest strengths.
3) Learn to free yourself from the expectations of others and to walk away from the games they impose on you. 4) Find a great teacher or mentor who will help you.
5) Don’t waste energy trying to be well rounded.
6) Do what you love and can do well.
7) Learn the skill of interdependence.

In the last year – my focus has been #7.

Which one is least developed for you?


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