July 26, 2008

“I believe we each carry true wildness, and, thanks to that wildness, our lives need not be determined by our biological inheritance or our prior experience. Perhaps our lives are most creative and fulfilling when we have accessed and embodied that wildness, our deepest individual potentials, the destinies for which we were born… our souls.”

Bill Plotkin – Nature and the Human Soul

Many of you who visit here are familiar with the archetype of the wild woman as described by Clarissa Pinkola Estes in Women who run with the Wolves. Recently I met a young woman who was trying to read the book and she couldn’t “get into it…” When I first encountered the book – I was unable to find a way to hear her at first – and then I got the CD version and listened to her mesmerizing voice – over and over she told the stories of La Loba – and I was able to activate the archetype through the use of sound.

Today someone sent me a recording of a trance session. There is the sound of the drum and then the sound of two women talking over each other. The effect is powerful – and after a minute or so, I gave up conscious listening and just let the sensation enter my consciousness and activate my unconscious.

I supposed I am musing about wildness and sensation today because of the four ways of knowing – imagery, thinking, and feeling, sensing is my least developed function.


One comment

  1. The other day I was visiting an art exhibition (Peter Doig). After a few moments, I felt I was getting into a trance state and I had to fight to keep my feet on the ground. The human brain/soul is such a sacred mystery, isn’t it ?

    I bought a tape of Pinkola Estes about dreams. I remember the day I listened to it, in English, a few months ago. My eldest was on the computer, suddenly she turned to me (she doesn’t really speak english) and said ; “what’s that ?!”. She hates shrinks, but somehow, it seems she had sensed something positive about the archetypes :o)

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