Foo-Foo: Almost speechless

July 9, 2008

I haven’t been blogging much – too busy living – green beans to frizzle with olive oil, golden zucchini relish to make, teenagers to feed, spearmint tea to drink… who has time to blog?

I checked in on my blog stats this AM and found a ton of traffic around Kaya McLaren’s Church of the Dog. She’s on tour right now – so that seemed to explain that and then I found the comment below linked to me.

Sounds like we have an old-fashioned “critics are just so full of hate that they can’t appreciate a beautiful, inspirational book for what it is” battle going on. To figure out what side of the fight you fall on, you might want to go to this reading. I’m not going, because Emerging Crone’s website has already given me hives from all its New Agey foo-foo.

Foo Foo! I am being described as New Agey foo-foo! This is a new addition to my repertoire and I shall try it on and wear it around today to see how it fits. I guess I have more power than I imagined. My website gave someone hives! Certainly not my intention.

But if you are interested in a miracle cure of hives, check out Church of the Dog.



  1. Hi Julie–so very glad you visited my site. I have added your site to my Luscious Links on my blog. This is my first blog–and I am so loving it. So wonderful to connect with you. I am interested in your Divine Feminine Wisdom group. Can you tell me more?
    Love and light–Rue

  2. Love your blog, added you to my blog links as well, so that I may keep up with yours…Great work!

  3. New age foo-foo ? Why not lol ! Seems to me you’re experiencing true bliss at the moment :o)

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