June 28, 2008

Happiest Moment of the Day

So I have been running through my day today – wondering what is my happiest moment?

And there is a huge tie – and I can’t pick one moment. Does that mean today was a good day? I guess so!

  • Our son is coming home tomorrow! And he will be bringing two weeks of laundry! and it will have that man-boy smell that I have missed whilst he has been gone.
  • Chatting with a young man at the Community Garden. He is probably way to the right of anything I could ever imagine – and yet his innocence, curiosity, genuine interest, and keen mind drew me into the most amazing and rambling conversation that went from Fish Emulsion to Wendell Berry to Ed Abbey to Perry to ideas about community activism and large and small government and dreams for the future.
  • Finding a manuscript by someone at THE INSTITUTION that uses Spider Woman as a protagonist and knowing that Salmon boy planted that seed in him and he thrived there and so can I and I had no idea!
  • Today – even though my body is in pain and movement is a huge immense struggle – I am truly and completely happy.
  • Today, is a good day to die – which to me means – if the goddess called me home today – I could go with a clear heart… It doesn’t mean I want to die – it does mean I lived up to my full potential today.

What is your full potential and are you living it?


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