Dripping with Cherries

June 23, 2008

More and more I am paying attention to living in season with my local foodshed. When strawberries were ripe – my husband and I went out and picked and picked and picked and I made jam and froze some and we feasted and then we were done with strawberries. After a bit of a lull, now cherries are coming on strong!

I had my first cherry at the farmer’s market this year. $3.00 for a pint. Nummy! Yummy! but at that price – I am spending the money only to support my local farmer. A friend has a farm, and at the back of her farm is an ancient cherry tree – it is at least sixty years old. It is the last of its kind – standing alone along a fence row, surrounded by cattle, and many years it bears nothing. This year, it is dripping with cherries.

Last night at sunset, we picked buckets and buckets of juicy cherries. A small storm blew through and we were treated to a wondrous rainbow, great food, easy conversation, and more cherries than I could every can, freeze, dry, or jam.

What’s in season in your local foodshed?


One comment

  1. We’re a few weeks behind you. We are just enjoying our strawberries now and the cherries on my trees are only barely getting a hint of colour to them. Today I plan on making some strawberry freezer jam using dried pineapple as the sweetener.
    Enjoy your cherries; if you have extra freezer space you can’t go wrong making some chocolate cherry sauce for icecream and putting the extra in the freezer for a winter night.

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