Reduce, reuse, and recyle – new ideas for the garden

June 20, 2008

Reason #965 why I love being a woman :)

I can pee standing up and nurture my garden too!

Golden Showers to you and yours from me and mine!

Golden Showers Garden Party - 6/21/08



  1. :D You are really inspiring me! I have just dug a vegetable patch in the garden, and am thinking about keeping some hens in the future (when I can afford or make a coop) – This link really made me smile…and think! xx

  2. happy happy birthday to a most wonderful woman who reached out and touched my blog when I started it a little over a year ago. This blogging stuff is such a wonderful way to explore, communicate, and magically connect to some incredible people like you, who I may have never met otherwise. Thank you for your thoughts and very expressive writing – I feel as though I am standing in your garden and sharing a laugh with you. Have a glorious birthday month!

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