June 15, 2008

When my son was young, we played the Pokemon trading card game. My favorite deck was water based, but I also had a wonderful deck that had electric pokemon. One of their moves in the game was zap! and that’ what happened to me tonight.

I went over to the community garden to squeeze in a few leftover tomatoes and a big butternut squash plant that didn’t fit here at home. And when I left I touched the gate – not once – but multiple times – trying to figure out why if it is disconnected it was still zapping me.

I really don’t like to get zapped…. my fingers are still tingly and I am feeling keyed up and energized!

And the gardens are looking lovely! Tomorrow I will have baby squash, peas, radishes, celery (from my fertile home garden!) basil, greens, beets, onions, and still some strawberries coming on.


How does your garden grow?


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