Hope and humility

June 8, 2008

“…we do not know enough to know that we do not know enough until we hit a wall with enough force to oblige us, reluctantly, to become more conscious. This is always experienced as humbling. Sustained dialogue amid the constant care and critical eye of the other is critical to that dialectic which enlarges us even when the continuing tendency of the ego would keep things contained. The engagement with the other, whether without or within, causes us to grow, whether we like it or not.” James Hollis

For those of you who have been reading here for awhile or who know me – you now that wall for me was the death of my father. My dialog is with Salmon boy who supports my growth whether I like it or not! Most times I do.

Each encounter with THE INSTITUTE invites me to hold hope and humility in an exquisite tension of opposites. At times, my ego gets very annoyed and bent out of shape with all the accomodations that I must make to be in relationship with THE INSTITUTE. My I/ego/everyday consciousness is good at polarizing events and managing my anxiety by chattering away.

Hollis is one person that I return to when I want to remember to listen to the summons of the soul. When I re-member and remember, it is much easier to take a good soft look at myself.

Who helps you take a soft look at yourself?


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