Summer in a Jar

May 25, 2008

I’ve been thinking about the roles that my husband and I play – he works at the university and my work is less tangible. We’ve talked about how my work is at times invisible – not unappreciated – but just not visible in any tangible, measurable way. And so on Saturday, I invited him to go strawberry picking with me. Since this isn’t anything he has done before or knows anything about, he said sure!

And the result was 20 or so pounds of fresh juicy no spray strawberries!

When we came home, he cleaned the kitchen and went out to mow – and I made jam. As we listened to the sounds of the jars sealing themselves, I asked him if he would remember our efforts in the strawberry fields in the dead of winter when he ate the jam, he said sure!

I wonder if he would like to learn to pick blueberries? Their season is coming soon.


One comment

  1. How nice, I can smell the lovely jam from here ! Have you noticed how the subtle energy of food “homemade with love” is somewhat different from other foods ?

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