Finding a bridge

May 16, 2008

Sometimes, after a period of long wandering and intense feelings of confusion, I take a step, and then another, and then suddenly I am running wildly through my inner wildness (and wilderness) connecting cairns and suddenly feeling all the pieces shift and fall into place.

Today is one of those days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Since being welcomed to THE INSTITUTE, I have felt myself split in two – one foot in each of two different worlds. Sometimes, it feels like I am standing with a foot on two floating rafts and they are moving apart. Do I stretch? yes? then what? Do I step off the rafts and sink? sometimes! Do I try to bring them together? always! Do I despair? Sometimes….

And then today, I found someone who has gone before – someone who already did this dance and left a legacy for me to learn from. I am so grateful to be able to bring all of this together – the Heroine’s Journey, archetypes, dreams, subpersonalities, four directions work, psychosynthesis, and BLESSED BE an article in a peer reviewed journal with empirical case studies linking all of that and adding Sufi mysticism.

Happy! Happy!Happy!

If it gets any better than this – I can’t imagine it! Have I mentioned that I am:

Happy! Happy!Happy!



  1. how wonderful this is to read. :) GOOD FOR YOU!!!

    Your post reminds me that our whole lives can change with one phone call. With one “chance” encounter. With one rightly placed footstep.


  2. That sounds just wonderful. So much of what you list has been part of my interests and journey too – and I’ve been reading The Heroine’s Journey since I spotted it mentioned here – fascinating.

  3. Wow I wonder if it was something “big” simmering near the end of the week? Have been making all sorts of connections and quite suddenly seeing a pathway that was formerly elusive and mysterious. HAPPY. HAPPY! HAPPY!!!

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