Paradigm of Partnership

April 27, 2008

Last week I continued my musings on the Sacred Masculine. The fates provided and I had the opportunity to talk with a man who works with young men around the issues of what it means to be a man. We quickly found that we had common interests and a shared passion for the use of nature in the mending of our wounded psyches.

Speaking of nature…

It gives me great hope when someone like Oprah is reading David Wagoner. I am probably one of the few people on the planet who is not following along with her as she reads Eckhart Tolle but I read on Fran’s blog that she had read Lost on her webcast. I’ll know there is hope for the world when she discovers David Whyte!

Oprah has a lot of power to focus attention on things that she thinks are valuable. If Oprah is convinced that bringing back the old teaching stories (like the story told in “Lost”) is important, there is hope for us yet.

Also last week, I received my newsletter from The Center for the Sacred Feminine. Oh how I long to go retreat with them… my time will come I know. Right now my work needs to remain local – no matter how tempted I am to travel. It isn’t lost on me that as soon as I made this local commitment that a series of enticing temptations for travel have appeared.

So as I finished reading the newsletter, the phrase ‘paradigm of partnership’ leaped off the page and gave me the sustenance I need to continue my work with the balancing of masculine and feminine divinity.


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