A day without dogs?

April 16, 2008

Sometimes, particularly when I am taking myself too seriously, something happens that just makes me laugh until my eyes are streaming tears, and then I can’t breathe, and then I start again. Heather gave me one of those moments this morning. Lucy good dog came running to see what was so funny!

There is just nothing like having a puppy in the house, is there?

When Anja (our beautiful sable GSD) was a baby, I can recall sitting and reading and thinking that having a puppy wasn’t all that difficult. I glanced down and saw her swollen puppy belly, her cute paws, her rhythmic breathing and I sighed and went back to my book. Lost in total concentration, a few moments or an hour passed and I looked again, and she had the leg of the end table in her mouth and have been lovingly and quite successfully teething on it!

I can’t imagine a day without dogs…


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