Paying Attention: Goddess Council

March 31, 2008

I continue to revel in the expansiveness of my life. Freed from my self-imposed duties and responsibilities of tending multiple sacred fires, I am tending my own fire.

Hestia and I have been spending time in the kitchen – reactivating the sourdough starter and making bread on our hearthstone.

Artemis is connecting with her sisters and enjoying spending time outside.

Aphrodite brought out the watercolors and pencils and paper and is busily dancing through the house singing as she clears clutter and creates beauty.

Hera is checking in on our marriage and doing some powerful connecting.

Demeter is basking in the knowledge that our boy’s heart is filled with the love of a girl (and her family).

Persephone is feeling queenly and confident in our courage to brave the underworld each winter.

Athena is finally allowing the other aspects of me to join her in her relentless pursuit of resources, knowledge, information, and ideas.

This morning – I received an email with a link to this incredible video. I am not familiar with TED: Ideas Worth Spreading – but I plan to spend some time there. The video I viewed is of Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor. She speaks of her powerful transcendent experience while suffering from a stroke. If you are familiar with Angeles Arrien’s practice of paying attention to what has heart and meaning – you will want to watch this. If you practice saying YES! in your life – you will want to watch this. So much of the news is filled with fear. This is an antidote to the nightly news.

Jill Bolte Taylor: My stroke of insight


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