Letting go and allowing emptiness

March 8, 2008

I am finding it hard to come here and write right now. Letting go of my identity as a facilitator is allowing another ego death – and as ego deaths go – this one isn’t so bad – because I chose the timing. Yet it is still a surrender to allow the emptiness to be and not rush to fill it with something else – like blogging.

When I began to blog – I chose to be anonymous. In time, I gained courage from women like Heather and Fran and Michele who chose to speak from their hearts, knowing that their family and friends read their words.

I am an intensely private person. I am fearless in my willingness to self-disclose and be authentic in a one on one relationship or in a small group where trust is high. Therefore it has been a journey to discover the ways in which talking about my inner world to anonymous strangers has affected me. I have met some amazing men and women through my writings here. I have learned to be more comfortable with myself and my imperfections. And I have come to respect my need for silence at times.

This is one of those times.


One comment

  1. I did let go, embracing the void that doesn’t need to be filled quickly. It’s ok to sit with it as long as it takes; i have trust.

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