Ex Libris – February 2008

February 15, 2008

Now that the show is running (opening night was smashing!) I have some time to get back to my reading. yay! I am never without a dozen or so books in a pile on the floor beside my bed – and when my days are full – I miss the time to spend in contemplation and rumination and imagination.

With a wonderful synchronicity – I was recently introduced by Kaya McClaren to Good Reads. I tried Shelfari – it just didn’t capture me – and my life is already full of online commitments – I am not likely to start anything new that doesn’t richly satisfy me and energize me.

For a long time – blogging fed me – the men and women I met from around the world expanded my community and led to a handful of warm and supportive pen pals. Now with my time spent in other commitments – I find I have less time to be fully present here.

Being the book slut that I am – I love to read other people’s reviews of books – and Good Reads has a wonderful interface that quickly lets me connect with people whose book tastes are similar to mine. I have written a handful of book reviews at Amazon and other places – but never felt drawn to that. Of course this may just be a flash in the pan – time will tell – but for now – I am enchanted with the process and interface at Good Reads.

What’s on your night stand?


One comment

  1. Oh me too — always a pile of books I’m working on. At the moment I’m reading “Out of Poverty” by Paul Polak – an incredibly hopeful and wonderful book about surprisingly simple (and thus ignored by too many) ways to bring the poorest in the world out of poverty in a sustainable manner. He focuses primarily on the dollar-a-day, one-acre farmers. Just amazing stories of success.
    In my purse is a very small book: “Good Morning, Midnight” by Jean Rhys, which I don’t really know much about yet (nor whether I’ll like it).

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