Kaya McLaren’s Church of the Dog: New edition on the way!

February 1, 2008

It is impossible to encounter this book and not have your heart expanded. I can count on one hand the books that have affected me this way. The books I read over and over and over and over until they fall apart. Women Who Run with the Wolves is one of those books. Soulcraft is another. Church of the Dog is another. This is the book to give to a friend who is suffering. This is the book to give to a friend who is feeling hopeless. This book contains phrases and passages that read like pure poetry for the soul. I even had Salmon boy read me passages from this book when I was lost in my grief. This is the book that lets healing into the hearts of both the newly bereaved and those with calcified grief.

I picked up my copy in June 2004 from Moonlight Books in Pagosa Springs, CO. Several weeks later, when I returned to Colorado with my family, I bought “On the Divinity of Second Chances.” Another enchanting story. Then the books became scarce and hard to find and I became reluctant to loan out my copies. Now, the angels have worked their magic and made sure these stories are going to find their way out into the broader world. The world needs stories like these.

I have written more at this site about Church of the Dog than just about any other book – it affected me that much. Fortunately for me – all that yearning for connection with the author – Kaya McLaren must have reached her because she found me singing from my soap box about how her book changed my life and saved the life of my mother.

Today, I have on my reader’s table, an Advanced Readers Copy of Church of the Dog! I am so tickled, honored, pleased and excited! Thank you Kaya and Kendra! Fed-Ex delivered it to me this morning.

The house is now quiet and everyone is out and about so I am going to make myself a cup of tea, curl up by the window, watch the ice continue to form on the trees, and enter the holy sanctuary of the dog church. Lucy Good Dog will be curled up at my feet – alert to every emotion that passes through my heart. I am so excited to see how Kaya will sing flesh onto the bones of the original story.

Stay Tuned!


One comment

  1. I will be reading this book in January to discuss in February with one of the book clubs I belong to. Thanks for your review.
    Maria Teresa

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