Finding her Here

January 1, 2008

Finding Her Here

I am becoming the woman I’ve wanted,
grey at the temples,
soft body, delighted
cracked up by life
with a laugh that’s known bitter
but, past it, got better,
knows she’s a survivor-
that whatever comes,
she can outlast it.
I am becoming a deep
weathered basket.
I am becoming the woman I’ve longed for,
the motherly lover
with arms strong and tender,
the growing up daughter
who blushes surprises
. I am becoming full moons
and sunrises.

I find her becoming,
this woman I’ve wanted,
who knows she’ll encompass,
who knows she’s sufficient,
knows where she’s going
and travels with passion.
Who remembers she’s precious,
but knows she’s not scarce-
who knows she is plenty,
plenty to share.
– Jayne Relaford Brown

In my travels around blog land this glorious New Year’s morning – many things touched me – and it was this poem that leaped off the screen and into my heart. I am heard to say at times – “I would have sliced off my right tit to have the woman I am now in my life when I began this search for the sacred feminine.” This poet says it for me in a much gentler way.


One comment

  1. Thanks for visiting Sacred Ordinary today, Julie, because I hadn’t been by to visit your site lately and that was my loss. But, you are the first site I visited in 2008! I love this poem. Thanks so much for sharing it. I wrote a long time in my journal last night and it was exactly what the poem said that I was trying to write in a convoluted manner. Happy new year.

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