Return of the Sun!

December 25, 2007

What a wonderful respite the last few weeks have been – settling into the lengthening nights, letting go of two graduate classes, celebrating Yule, honoring our tradition of seeing Christmas Carol at the Blackfriars, sleeping early and late and napping, sitting by the fire, reading and not reading. I slept more in the last few weeks than the last month. At first I wondered if I was feeling down, depressed, blue… nope just sleepy. Was I avoiding something? cleaning house :) but no, not really. The sleeping was about surrender to the turn of the wheel. Inviting my dreams to unfold in their own timing, adjusting my clock to the season, allowing myself to be, letting all thoughts of doing vanish.

Many things are percolating – a tarot reading, a guided imagery session with Timberlake, graduate applications, and more books than I can possibly read. If I can focus tomorrow – I will post about the books on my nightstand. Until then, if you celebrate this day as Christmas – Happy Christmas!


One comment

  1. Lots of lingering solstice/full moon illumination here – several key things fell into place not suddenly but in the only conceivable manner. And my plan for the new calendar year is percolating…

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