Unfolding Self

December 6, 2007

I have not been listening to my own good counsel – or as a new friend called it – having lazy ears. I like that imagery – what are my ears tuned in to and what are they tuning out. Have I forgotten how to listen to my Self with the ears of my heart?

What a miracle a little bit of mirroring can be when the timing is right and the teacher is wise. Today while avoiding writing a fifteen page paper – I am watching the snow, decorating for Yule and the solstice and inviting the imaginal world to be visible. I got out my drawings from the Deep Imagery intensive which led me to looking for my journal from the intensive. Before I could get that far – I found this quote…

When I am living a purposeful life, caring for myself and others, I am able to co-create a place for others to do the same. I relinquish fear and a need to control.” ~~~Molly Young Brown

When I began my recent round of graduate studies – I was naive to believe that the INSTITUTION would throw open its arm to me and say Welcome! Eat! drink! Somehow I hear David Whyte saying that – it must be on one of his CDs or in his keynote video that I have on VHS tape. Instead – the INSTITUTION told me – submit, learn our ways, let go of your wisdom tradition and learn things that are EBT (evidence based – I don’t know if the T is theory or therapy). Of course that isn’t all they have told me – it is just the part that I am struggling with in this moment.
As a student of the ineffable who lives in the land of liminality – what is the control group and what is the experimental group and what are the variables by which my work can be weighed and measured?

That is the question isn’t it?

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  1. At the moment, I’m reading a very interesting book called “Traveling between the Worlds” compilated by Hilary Webb. I guess it is your path now to learn how to travel between the lands of EBT and Liminality ? :o)

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