December 5, 2007

Last night as I closed down the computer and prepared to go read – the phone rang. I heard my husband say – she is going to want to talk to you! I wondered who it might be – and it was the woman of the lake surrounded by timbers calling me by my true name.

Reminding me of my gifts, gently guiding me back to the unmarked path that is mine to travel. Hearing her warm voice, her laughter, her deep wisdom I could see her in the eye of my mind and her eyes were twinkling.

Crowded close all around her – were her guides and companions who she had introduced us to in the spring during our Deep Imagery gathering at Seven Oaks. Some perched on her shoulders, others stood behind her, still more were in the shadows – not hiding – just watching and witnessing – creating and holding sacred space for our conversation.

Sometimes a person comes into your life and transforms you in ways that change your life’s trajectory. Dianne Timberlake, my mentor, my guide, my mirror is one of those people for me. Even though a continent’s width separates us and our contacts are infrequent – knowing that her soul walks the path of the Rainbow means she is always with me.

I first met her at an AVI program that she co-facilitated with Bill Plotkin – Sweet Darkness. I was deep in my mourning process and wasn’t sure I could be in a group setting. What I found was a “safe enough” holding container that allowed my full and complete expression of all my selves. For the first time, I was able to touch my deep sense of loss and feel the unbearable pain. No one comforted me or tried to fix me. Allowing me the space to find my own path in my interior wilderness. Towards the end of the intensive – I ran straight into joy! My heart was light, the weight of sorrow lifted, I emerged from the underworld blinking into the bright moonlight and later greeted the dawn. This intensive (Sweet Darkness) is where I learned to flower ecstatically in the garden of my soul.


One comment

  1. have been offline for a week “living the ineffable” and am now catching up with blogosphere connections. I LOVE knowing you had the nourishing gift of this connection re-established in the Now-tense of finding an authentic place for yourself. Made me smile.

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